Quick Answer Box 6th Edition for CS to CS6


The Quick Answer Box is a handy 4x6 card-file box full of 162 illustrated cards explaining step-by-step instructions on how to do almost anything in Adobe Photoshop. Aimed primarily at the Wedding-Portrait Photographers, this box is just the ticket you need to get the answers when you need them --IMMEDIATELY! Keep the box beside your computer and your answers are always right at your fingertips without having to go hunt through the manuals or fire up a video. Each card is color-coded to find and re-file it easily and the nifty lid allows you to prop it up for hands-free reading. You will love how easy and quick it is to find the answers you are lookin for.
Quick Answer Box Card Topics
01-01 Navigation Techniques
01-02 Palettes
01-03 Option Bars
01-04 Tool Bars: names uses
01-05 Layer: Where to click...
01-06 Layers: How they work...
01-07 Layers: How they work
01-08 Selection tools
01-09 Selection Tools: many ways to make
01-10 History and Snapshots
01-11 Resolution Vitals
01-12 Using Guides and Rulers
01-13 Using Grids
01-14 Layer Styles Dialog Box
01-15 Adding Canvas
01-16 Cropping Properly
01-17 Straighten Horizons-no guessing!
01-18 Fixing Perspective
01-19 Layer Modes: it’s like magic
01-20 The Layer Palette
Tools Setup
02-01 Set up your Workspace
02-02 Browser Tips for
02-03 Bridge Set up
02-04 Setting Preferences
02-05 Loading Actions
02-06 Loading Presets
02-07 Loading Styles
02-08 Loading Brushes
02-09 Deleting Airbrushes
02-10 Loading Patterns
02-11 Loading Shapes and using Shape tool
02-12 Adobe Camera Raw
02-13 Layer Panel
02-14Brush Panel
02-15 Mini Bridge
03-01 Shortcuts and Navigation
03-02 Using and Making Tool Presets
03-03 The Action Palette
03-04 Recording an Action
03-05 Modifying an Action
03-06 Doing a Batch Action
03-07 Using the Preset Manager
03-08 Saving your Styles
03-09 Renumbering in the Bridge
03-10 Rating andLabeling in the Bridge
03-11 Batch Actions in the Bridge
03-12 Image Processor in the Bridge
03-13 Proof Sheets
03-14 Missing Features in CS4-5
03-15 Content Aware Fill
04-01 Color Correct with Adj Layers
04-02 Make Great B&W/Sepia Tints
04-03 Make B&W Tints
04-04 Change the Color of Clothing
04-05 Extreme Color change in Clothing
04-06 New CS3 B&W Adjustment Layer
04-07 Remove Blue Cast
04-08 Monitor Calibration
04-09 Hand Coloring B&W
05-01 Tolerances of Digital
05-02 Facemask Histogram
05-03 Dodge and Burn Properly
05-04 Lighten an Image
05-05 Darken an Image
05-06 Add or Subtract Contrast
05-07 The “Claw” (digital fill-flash)
05-08 The “Reverse Claw”
05-09 Exposure Adjustment
06-01 What is a Mask?
06-02 Changing a Mask
06-03 View/Disable/Select a Mask
06-04 Unlink a Mask to Resize/Reposition
06-05 Blurring a Mask
06-06 “Paste Into” a Mask
06-07 How to know you’re in Mask Mode
06-08 Using Shapes with a Mask
06-09 Adjustment Layers-built-in masks
06-10 Clipping Masks
06-11 Quick Mask
06-12 Photomerge
06-13 Blend If
Retouch Skin
07-01 The Retouch Setup Action
07-02 Blemishes, Healing/Patching
07-03 Clone Tool to Blend/Smooth
07-04 Clone Rules: alignment/Options
07-05 Facial Shine
07-06 Fix Sunburn/Rosatia
07-07 Use Presets and Retouch Setup
07-08 Elderly Skin
07-09 Instant Tan
Retouch Features
08-01 Eyes: brighten and whiten
08-02 Eyes: brighten catchlights
08-03 Eyes: open a hooded eye
08-04 Eyes: add color or change color
08-05 Eyes: enhance iris, lash and half-moon
08-06 Teeth: brighten and whiten
08-07 Teeth: minimize gaps/straighten
08-08 Teeth: removing braces
08-09 Noses: minimizing
Retouch Extreme
09-01 Headswaps and Eyeswaps
09-02 Liquify (digital liposuction)
09-03 Removing Double Chins
09-04 Minimizing Wrinked Necks
09-05 Minimize Age Spots/Bruises
09-06 Ironing Clothes
09-07 Contouring Necks & Faces(slim)
09-08 Extreme Acne
09-09 Vanishing Point
09-10 Clone Source Palette
09-11 Photo Restoration - Dust
09-12 Puppet Warp
09-13 Manual Patch
10-01 Changing Fonts Quickly
10-02 Changing Font Colors
10-03 Change leading and Kerning
10-04 Warping Text
10-05 Text Styles and Layer Styles
10-06 Changing the Character Box
10-07 Making Blind Embossed Text
10-08 Changing Text in Multiple Layers
10-09 Text Blocks
10-10 Text on a Path
10-11 Text in a Path
10-12 Paragraph and Text Styles
11-01 A Million Textures (using styles)
11-02 Sharpening with High Pass
11-03 Signatures with Blind Emboss
11-04 Virtual Matting
11-05 V-Grooves
11-06 Vignettes Made Easy
11-07 Double Virtual Mats
11-08 Editing Video
12-01 Watercolors with the Art History Brush
12-02 Easy Watercolor Edges
12-03 B&W Tinted Images
12-04 Diagonal Blur mat/Spec Effects
12-05 Soft Focus Effects/Dream Scenes
12-06 Making a Custom Brush
12-07 Making a Custom Pattern
12-08 “Magical” High Key Composites
12-09 Mixer Brush CS5
12-10 Make a Path
12-11 Stroke a Path
Because there are differences in the different versions, there may be multiple cards, for instance, card 02-04 Setting Preferences has 5 different cards to reflect the different settings in each version.

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